Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Among the many of my experiences I have been blessed with (wink), I have suffered for probably 8 years with anxiety, depression, insomnia and ADD. Well the ADD has been for a while longer. I am a firm believer and frequent user of essential oils. Now many people have their opinions of oils. In the short period that I have been using them, people have referred to them as 'witchcraft' and 'black magic' and just basically overall BS. Now I know most of those things are said in good fun. But I also have felt the skepticism from my immediate family and friends regarding their effectiveness, if any at all. I haven't been the best at this in my life, but I would recommend not knocking something unless you have given it a try. I feel like if something works for someone then more power to them. Who am I to say their results aren't real?My favorite stories explain some instances where my belief in essential oils was tested and proved. Here in the United States we are really only accustomed to western medicine. We all carry the belief that if there is a 'problem' in the body, then there is surely a corresponding pill that will 'cure' that problem. Now I'm no natural hippy. I have taken tons of pills in my life. But what I've come to find is that the symptoms that are showing up are just that. Symptoms. We are not diagnosing or even treating the problem with the pills that are prescribed. We are treating the symptoms. And what happens when you treat the symptoms with medicine alone is that the problem never goes away. And if it does, then you better believe it will manifest in another form of "DIS-EASE" in the body. If you want to argue with me that my "problem" is INSOMNIA or DEPRESSION, you will get shut down pretty quickly. Because I know for a fact that the problem is much deeper. You can throw me some Xanax or Zoloft or Adderall but the only result will be a blanket feeling of nothing-ness. Not too happy but not too sad. I don't want to walk around feeling like a zombie. I am more interested in a permanent solution with a side of personal understanding, than I am in a quick fix. (However it definitely took time to get to that place) We are so used to getting everything instantly whether it be relief, food, entertainment, ANYTHING really. We need to do a better job at listening to our emotions/bodies and using them to our benefit. But because we still have the symptoms showing up from the dis-ease in our bodies, we need natural solutions that will assist with relief, not give us more problems then we had in the first place (also known as side effects)

SO now to my point. There have been a few experiences with essential oils that have made me a believer, one of which I wanted to share. It happened a few months ago. I had been lucky enough to get a 3 day weekend because I worked 4 ten-hour shifts that week. I didn't do much of anything which must have contributed to the MASSIVE panic attack that ensued. My husband was in the back room working out and I was just laying in our bed. I had been crying and I had the most uneasy feeling. I couldn't put it on to anything. I really didn't know what I was so worked up about. I felt awful. When he came in and asked me what was wrong I brought up the first 2 things that came to my head. He wasn't buying it. It was pretty clear that I was having a no-reason-panic-attack, the worst kind. He immediately asked what he could do, to which I responded "nothing." Do you ever have those moments where you honestly believe that nothing will help and you don't want to even TRY anything because part of you just wants to feel sorry for yourself? Yeah.... So finally he asked what oils could he put on me. I probably ignored him once or twice and then finally reluctantly said "balance" and "serenity." Those 2 really are my go to oils. The serenity has: Lavendar, sweet marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, sandalwood and vanilla oil in it. It is a calming blend great for anxiety and insomnia. And my husbands favorite :) the balance blend has Spruce, Rosewood, Frankincense and Blue tansy. It is a grounding blend (video blog with more ranting/raving to follow!) Very great for when you feel all over the place, because it brings you back to reality (hence, grounding.) So he put the oils on my feet, the back of my neck and behind my ears and just told me to lay there for a few minutes while he jumped in the shower. Well, sure enough within 3 minutes, YES 3 MINUTES, I felt fine. I dont' mean kind of fine or just better, I felt absolutely calm. It was one of those situations that cannot be denied or attributed to anything else. It was incredible and to be honest I was very pleased that I could have the same results from natural, safe essential oil blends, as I could with a .5mg of xanax. I highly urge anyone who is taking any medication to research the effects that medication is having on your body. And then look for natural solutions. I don't want my body to start falling apart as I age, and I doubt you do either. If you have any questions as to the use of oils or in what oils would be beneficial to you, PLEASE ASK. I will let you know or find the answer if need be. My constant goal is to get myself into a peak state and then maintain it as long as possible. And my mind cant be right if my body isn't right and vice versa.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wear Sunscreen (Usa Protector Solar)

Todays Word: PASSION


 [pash-uhn]  Show IPA
any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.

The purpose of this blog is to instill a belief into people that NOTHING is more important in your day than reminding yourself why you wake up in the morning. Find a "why" in your life. Why do you wake up. Why do you work where you work. What is your purpose? Seek it out! Set a strong intention to receive the information you need to take that next step. Be just as diligent in your search of the things that ignite your passion as you are with remembering the dosage of your prescription medications. I'll be right beside you doing the same thing! 

Below you will find a video that I viewed in my community college sociology class. Ive never forgotten it, and it brings back my perspective any time I've lost it. Keep coming back here for your daily dose of passion. I have just what the doctor ordered! :)

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