Friday, April 19, 2013

Respect the journey

We are all on a journey aren't we? I believe that we are. My journey has been a crazy one. I have experienced loss in my life and all kinds of mental health shenanigans. I have faced lots of choices in my life (many of which where I made the "wrong one") but its all beautiful to me. And do you know what the most valuable thing that I have gained is? The ability to respect another's journey.

And that is what I want to address today in this quick blog post. I have been able to gain this unending respect for everybody exactly where they are at in life, and I wouldn't trade that for any other gift available. Whether you have experienced a lot of tough things in your life or not it is not our job to judge one another. It is OUR job to "LOVE one another."

In all my studying and reading and learning, I have come to find that at the base of every philosophy and teaching is LOVE. Everything circles back to love. It is where everything starts and everything ends. We need to learn love. We need to encompass the idea of unconditional love. And I think that we are on the earth to remember that at our core we already exist as love.

Loving someone through their journey is the best thing you can do. As you may be able to imagine, because I am constantly learning new techniques to reduce anxiety and boost my faith and really understand what I think we were sent to earth to understand, it is easy for me to want to push this info on other people. Not for selfish reasons but because I want to help. But I've had to learn the hard way (a couple of times) that it is impossible to help someone who isn't at that point the their journey where they are ready for help.

And at a certain point in our lives we really do have to accept and respect that. We are so eager to push what we learn on other people that we hardly can call ourselves living examples of what we teach. So I've made a new promise to myself that I am going to continue to become an example of what I teach and believe. I'm going to be more caring and interested and most of all loving toward people. Because in these times of trouble what the world needs most is love. And the other beautiful thing I've learned is that YOUR journey is not the same as MINE. We are all meant to experience different things and what works for me might not work for you. And vice versa. The cool thing is that THAT IS OK. Let us all take some time to remember to respect each other exactly where we are at in life. And trust each other enough to ask for help when needed and love each other enough to respect where someone stands in their journey. Sending my love and peace to everyone.


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