Sunday, September 8, 2013

Liquid Xanax: Spark Naturals Style

Passion Pill Liquid Xanax SPARK NATURALS STYLE:
Equal Parts ZEN grounding blend and BLISS calming blend (Each available in 5ml or 15ml bottle)
*Combine in roller bottle and apply at the first sign of anxiety to back of neck and bottom of feet!
-For dilution, top off with fractionated coconut oil!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spark Naturals Essential 4-Pack

Are you new to the essential oils world? Have no idea where to start?! I don't blame you. There is a lot of information available and it is a lot to take in. Let me recommend something for you first time EO users. This pack of 4 5ml oils includes Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, and Melaleuca. I started with these 4 oils and built my 'collection' from there! I used peppermint and lavender for headaches and lemon in my water for a daily detox and melaleuca to fights colds and replace any need for Neosporin. Also, lavender is known as the "Universal Oil" it can be used for hundred of different needs. But it is best known for relaxation and help with insomnia!

Dip your toes into the pool of essential oils and I promise you will love them
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Liquid Sleep

Behold the time has come for my Liquid Xanax follow up :) I have come to so many realizations in the last few weeks. One of them came from my sweet Grandma who told me "you need to just help people the same way that you were helped." Wow. That hit me hard. Because I realized that I have so much to offer. And that is ONLY because I have found help a certain way from various sources of information and products. And that is what I have to share. So the benefit of what I have to offer is that I will only speak on behalf of the real experiences that I have personally had and in some cases, the experiences that other people have had extreme success with.

I don't want to blab on about things that I don't know a thing about. Because there are a lot of things that I DO know a lot about. And that is my point of creating this blog. When I took the time to focus on what I am really moving forward in my life I finally found a way to explain it true to my soul. My focus and my passion is HEALING. It felt so beautiful to finally get to the core of what I want to do. And it makes sense. I have had to do a lot of healing in my life. I have healed from grief, loss, addiction, depression, anxiety among other things. And I know that I chose to experience these things so I could help other people.

So that is what I am going to do. I am going to help people the same way that I found help. And comfort people the same way that I found comfort. What a blessing to hear the responses that I have received about my 'Liquid Xanax' post. So many people struggle with anxiety and depression. And unfortunately doctors are quick to pull out their prescription pad to "help you take care of that." I have different beliefs and that's only because I have the experience to back it up.

I guess I should explain my battle with insomnia. I have struggled with insomnia for about 9 years. It started in high school. It was awful. I just could not fall asleep. And if I happened to fall asleep and then woke up in the middle of the night, there was not a dang chance that I was going to fall back asleep. So I started with Melatonin, then went to Tylenol PM, then Ambien and have recently (up until about 2 months ago whoop whoop) been on Trazodone. I love sleeping, I'll be honest. But when you have to deal with getting no sleep, it is a killer. I absolutely depended on my "pill" (which ever one I was taking at the time) to put me to sleep. I can proudly say now that I am OFF OF ALL OF MY PILLS! AHHH I could just scream it from the rooftops. And I now rely on my oils to put me to sleep. The side effects to be expected are: relaxation and no grogginess for the whole following day. It is awesome.

So let me give you my recipe for my Liquid Ambien:

20 drops lavender
7 drops vetiver
Top off with FCO (fractionated coconut oil)
Mixed in a roller bottle
**Apply on feet and neck before bedtime as needed.

Lavender is very well known to assist with sleep. But with the issues that I have personally experienced I need something heavy duty to add to the lavender (enter vetiver). Vetiver is known for its soothing and calming effects on the central nervous system. I think the main reason that I have struggled with sleeping is just because of what goes on in my mind, kinda hard to turn my thoughts off. And that is where the vetiver comes in. The earthy aroma just tells my brain its time to calm down, get your head out of the clouds and come to sleep :) Never hurts to add a little balance blend in addition before bed or use serenity blend to substitute for lavender.

** Now I should put a little disclaimer (or a whole 'nother blog post) just explaining that not EVERYTHING works for EVERYONE. And essential oils are not any different. I have had to try lots of different combos for different issues like digestion ect. So realize that you shouldn't get discouraged if something doesn't work for you. Keep trying! Maybe you say "Maggie, I really think that I'm going to need more Vetiver then that!" BY ALL MEANS ADD SOME MORE!!!! Until you find peace! Because it is available to you. Don't give up on yourself. I believe in natural healing. And I believe in the healing power of essential oils. You will too :) All I can tell you is what works for me, and what works for other people! Find what works for you! And then share that with me and the people you love! Its bout dang time to share the gift of natural healing. I'm no doctor, but I would like to slpwly introduce you to my medicine cabinet (which looks much different now) and assist you in finding alternative choices for your health and wellness. Enjoy :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Respect the journey

We are all on a journey aren't we? I believe that we are. My journey has been a crazy one. I have experienced loss in my life and all kinds of mental health shenanigans. I have faced lots of choices in my life (many of which where I made the "wrong one") but its all beautiful to me. And do you know what the most valuable thing that I have gained is? The ability to respect another's journey.

And that is what I want to address today in this quick blog post. I have been able to gain this unending respect for everybody exactly where they are at in life, and I wouldn't trade that for any other gift available. Whether you have experienced a lot of tough things in your life or not it is not our job to judge one another. It is OUR job to "LOVE one another."

In all my studying and reading and learning, I have come to find that at the base of every philosophy and teaching is LOVE. Everything circles back to love. It is where everything starts and everything ends. We need to learn love. We need to encompass the idea of unconditional love. And I think that we are on the earth to remember that at our core we already exist as love.

Loving someone through their journey is the best thing you can do. As you may be able to imagine, because I am constantly learning new techniques to reduce anxiety and boost my faith and really understand what I think we were sent to earth to understand, it is easy for me to want to push this info on other people. Not for selfish reasons but because I want to help. But I've had to learn the hard way (a couple of times) that it is impossible to help someone who isn't at that point the their journey where they are ready for help.

And at a certain point in our lives we really do have to accept and respect that. We are so eager to push what we learn on other people that we hardly can call ourselves living examples of what we teach. So I've made a new promise to myself that I am going to continue to become an example of what I teach and believe. I'm going to be more caring and interested and most of all loving toward people. Because in these times of trouble what the world needs most is love. And the other beautiful thing I've learned is that YOUR journey is not the same as MINE. We are all meant to experience different things and what works for me might not work for you. And vice versa. The cool thing is that THAT IS OK. Let us all take some time to remember to respect each other exactly where we are at in life. And trust each other enough to ask for help when needed and love each other enough to respect where someone stands in their journey. Sending my love and peace to everyone.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My dance with fear

I want to talk about fear. I have had fear on my mind a lot lately. Like a whole lot. I am making changes in my life and it is incredible how fear peeks it's head when you try to make changes into your life.

The only thing I can compare fear to is poison. It is what keeps you scared and prevents you from taking action in your life OR attempts to stop you once you've already taken action. After I deemed this month to be ACTION-APRIL all kinds of anxiety began to surface. Luckily I have remembered to use my essential oils (balance blend and frankincense) especially on my solar plexus (the energy center above the belly button) But as always when I am in need of answers and help, people show up with suggestions and recommendations.

My recommendation came to me this month by my health coach/mentor Nicole. She recommended that I read a book called "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiź. I LOVE book recommendations so I took the suggestion and got the book yesterday.... I read it in one day. Haha. It is so good. As much as I recommend you read the book as well, I am going to give you the readers digest version as well as my thoughts on each of the new agreements that I have committed to making.

The first new agreement: "Be impeccable with your word."
- I have learned a lot about the power of words. The power that I have to affect change in my life and in the lives of those around me. And the destruction that gossip can have in the lives of people around me. I have been trying really hard to watch my words and I constantly catch myself in the process if giving 'my two cents' in certain situations. It is a work in progress but I try hard every day to use my words 'in the direction of truth and love.' Have you ever been gossiping about something or someone and someone else decides to join you?! And suddenly you feel like that person just added fuel to the conversation and your adrenaline starts rushing? It is just adding bad energy to the situation and actually turning it into more than it really is. Try to be more conscious about how you use your words. The issue will go away sooner if you start refusing the need to add fuel to someone else's fire or let people and fuel to yours.

The second new agreement: "Don't take anything personally."
-Wow this is a good one. "Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality." Isn't that the truth? If you can really let this agreement set into your soul, your life will take new form almost immediately. Maybe someone tells you your ugly, for example. If you can commit yourself to this agreement, then anything that anyone says will not affect you! If you take a minute to realize that what this person is saying has NOTHING to do with you then you will avoid needless suffering in your life. Maybe what someone else says about you is true, maybe it's not. But at the end of the day you need ONLY worry about what YOU feel about YOURSELF. Once confident in your feelings about you, the opinions of others are just that, opinions. They are not personal. When someone attacks you with their words or opinions just respond mentally (or outloud if your brave enough) "I am not going to take this personally, this is not a reflection of me." By doing this you stop the energy in its tracks and refuse to take that information on as your identity.

Third new agreement: "Don't make assumptions."
- A wonderful and welcome change. So many times we get ourselves into trouble because in our head we COMPLETELY make up meanings for certain experiences that we have that are completely FALSE. You will see this is very common in special relationships (marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend). The advice in the book is to ask more questions. Don't just assume you know exactly what someone meant when they did something or said something. Make sure if you are unsure that you ask for more information so you can take things for what they are worth. We cause ourselves SO much unnecessary pain by making assumptions in our heads. Pain that most of the time the other person doesn't even know about!! Whats that saying about holding on to poison expecting the other person to get sick?? Or holding on to a hot coal hoping the other person will get burned? Anyways you get the picture.
Some advice I would add would be, if you are going to assume, assume the best! Give people the benefit of the doubt where possible. Stop assuming the worst in people you may be surprised at what they show you.

The fourth new agreement: "Always do your best."
- Pretty self explanatory. Simple yet profound. If you do your best with your daily tasks then you can be sure that there is nothing more that you could have done. The book talks specifically about how at different times, your best will look a little different. For example when your sick as opposed to when you are full of joyful energy. Do your best. No more, no less. Don't push yourself farther then you have strength. Just do your best. That has been a common theme in my life. "I did my best so if that was not good enough then I will just have to live with that, because there is nothing more I could have done." Be proud of your "best" and don't compare it to someone else's best. You can always sleep soundly if you know you did all you had in you to do.

What is your favorite new agreement? What is one (or all!) that you could commit to that would really bring you some peace in your life. In my honestly I will admit that I messed up on 3 out of the 4 new agreements my first day. But NOT THE FOURTH! I did my best. And I know my awareness is the first step to any kind of change. So rather than letting my mind control my life, I am taking control of my mind.

This is my new screensaver on my phone as well as taped on my closet so I see it daily

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How my Kitchen changed my life: The POWER of a symbolic change

In todays video blog, I talk about a symbolic change that I made that literally shifted my perspective and in turn, my life. Enjoy :)

What symbolic change could you make? Let me know in the comments below. Cant wait to hear from you!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Follow your Bliss"

I want to write today (again) about the importance of passion in your life. ***Spoiler Alert*** I will be discussing passion fairly often :-)

Every job I ever had lacked my personal passion. Or if I was passionate at all, I could at least fake it for a year until something inside of me said this is not true and this is NOT YOU. But I swept it under the rug because just as every one is taught "you have to grow up and get a 'real job' and it doesn't really matter if you like it because you have to 'pay the bills.'"-- And listen, I get that. I suppose all of those are valid facts. However, I have had the idea impressed upon me that there is more to life than paying the mortgage. And even though I am not very old, I still have been working for a quite a few years and noticing that I was never really getting ahead in life... just getting through. I did not jump out of bed in the morning, I clawed my way out of bed. I had an anxiety attack most nights because I hated what I did every day. Not that I was ungrateful for having a job in the first place but because my soul knew better and I wasn't listening to it. I felt like the life force was being drained out of me, and it was. I had this constant pull inside of me saying "there is something bigger out there for you, this is not all there is." And at times I would be frustrated and make some big decision to change my life forever and then not follow through. And then 6 months later I would feel it again, almost like a fire in my belly, that was just burning for something more. Its hard to go against what you have been literally and subconsciously taught your whole life about what being an "adult" means.

I was lucky enough to marry a man who has helped me be a better person since day one. Who has put up with my craziness as I bravely face my stories and the illusions of my past experiences. It has been a wild journey but I love it and I'm glad to be able to continue my journey with him for eternity. But I have to share my most important marriage advice that I am able to give thus far. If your wondering what someone with 2 1/2 year of marriage has to offer you, just hear me out. The best thing that my marriage has taught me, is that the cornerstone to a successful marriage is making sure both people are fulfilled in their individual lives. Meaning that both people must be chasing or living their dreams! And we have done that for each other in our marriage. My husbands passion just happens to be an "artistic" passion of music. Producing and playing music to be exact. And a couple nights ago he posted this Facebook status (posted this with his permission of course!)

I am so proud of him. He has an amazing talent for creating beautiful music of pretty much any genre you could imagine. And for him to finally make a declaration like that just made me glow. I know that we both would not be where we are today if we didn't fully support each other. I am not going to let the worlds beliefs that "you have to be lucky to make it in music" and "better give up that dream sooner or later because there is no 'security' in an artist type job" change my opinion of what is possible for each and every one of us.

Do you know what I consider to be the greatest security a person can have? --Their PASSION. Because guess what? No one can take your passion away from you. No one can fire you from your passion. You don't have to go to school to get a degree in "passion." It is your gift to the world. And goes WHEREVER you go. You dont have to FIND your passion. It lies within you. If anything, you need to remove the debris that keeps you from seeing what it is. But know that you already possess it!

I have faith in my husband and more importantly he has faith in himself. I don't think it's the fact that some musicians get lucky but most don't. I think it's that the successful musicians find that belief deep within themselves to wade through the lie that they got cursed with a 'bad' passion or a 'childish' passion. They believe in themselves and fight against the judgment of others who honestly want whats best for them, which they think is sparing them the inevitable disappointment coming their way.

If there is anything that brings me the most joy and happiness in my life it's that my husband and I push each other to be our best and to face our fears because we are always supporting each other. It's a beautiful partnership to have. But it would not have happened if were weren't both already working hard every day on what we love.

Follow your passions. Follow your bliss. Believe in yourself and others will begin believing too. Find people who dream bigger than you and confide in them. And steer clear of people who will drag you down and add negative energy to your desires. 

And don't forget my number one rule: be patient with yourself. You are amazing and capable of more than your mind can fathom. But as you try daily to move closer to your goals, those desires will start to become real and you will hardly be able to believe it. And I speak really specifically to people who feel like their dreams are really unrealistic or childish. I'm not saying go quit your job today. I'm saying ignite that passion in yourself by using some of your spare time to find the things that bring you the most joy. If you dont have time, make time. NOTHING is more important then you feeling fulfilled for yourself and your family. If you aren't full then it is hard to offer anything to other people, that is something that I know for sure.

I am passionate about passion. I feel it is MY gift to the world. What is your gift? What talents and abilities have you been blessed with!? Leave your answers in the comment section and if you dont know, take some quiet time to get in touch with that part of you. I promise you will get your answer :-)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What is the #1 secret for change?!

Watch this video if you want the secret to lasting change! It is my #1 rule that I give to everyone I work with.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Personal Development? Where do I start?!

I know that question very well. A LOT of people want to make a change and they really don't know where to start. If you google that question you will be bombarded by so many different options. Something that I want to make clear, is that many people stick to one specific form of learning or teachers. However I have been able to gain a plethora of knowledge by making sure that I dont count anything out. I research and read as much as my brain can handle and I judge by my gut whether it is truth for me. Dont get discouraged if you feel like you cant find something that speaks to your soul. If you put out your intention it will be met with the option that is perfect for you! So don't give up. My experience has shown that once I desire something, weird things start to show up. I hear about a specific book 3 times in 2 days. Or some teacher that someone told me about last week shows up on a random PBS show when I happen to be flipping channels on the TV. It is a very common occurrence  for me to read something and think "Oh my gosh that was SO PERFECT AND TIMELY FOR ME!"

But you need MAP- Massive Action Plan. Something you can put into action immediately. As Tony Robbins says "never leave the site of setting a goal without first taking immediate action to it's attainment!" So my advice to you is START ANYWHERE! What is a subject/section of your life can you take an immediate action for change TODAY! What is one action you could take today that would get you closer to your goal? Maybe you could go shopping for some healthy food, or maybe you could call your significant other and say "I love you."Point is, make a decision!

Answer me this question: What do you want in your life?!?! Listen, I know it sounds cliché but you need to decide what you want. Any teacher will tell you that. I heard it over and over and never listened. I thought I had a pretty good idea in my head. Guess what? I didn't have the first clue of what I wanted. I would always respond by saying "I just want to be happy." Well thats all fine and dandy but I didn't know what that "happiness" even looked like for me. It was only once I took an inventory of my life and got SUPER clear on what my perfect life would look like, did anything start shifting for me.  I was suddenly able to see a game-plan for the first time in my life and begin designing what I wanted rather then living in constant reaction to my external circumstances.

If you want to keep walking around aimlessly, then you are going to get aimless, random, results. What relationship could you strengthen? What health goals could you make? How would a change in financial success affect your anxiety?? Think about these things and don't be afraid to face them head on. When you avoid a certain area of your life, chances are it needs help, and that it should require most of your attention. But believe me, change is fun!!! But do what I did and break things into smaller pieces. If you take on too much at once then you are asking for an overload breakdown. Depending how old you are, you probably have a hefty amount of de-programming to do ... or maybe thats just me :) Either way DO SOMETHING! Every time I sit down at the computer, I am doing something! I am sharing things that juice me. And since I faced my fear of what other people might think of me (and stopped caring to be honest) I was able to finally start doing what I LOVED to do which is focusing on loving other people and trying to make an impact in their life.

 I am working on so many area's of my life, including my health and fitness. (Much more to come on that hopefully very soon!) But I'm sure you know that I'm not going to leave you empty handed. I want you to watch this video that nearly brings me to tears and goosebumps over my whole body. I am discovering my passions. And taking my PASSION PILL DAILY! Anything to ramp that up is welcome in my life. Listen closely and enjoy :)

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

DoTERRA Balance Blend!

I had SUCH and amazing response with my Liquid Xanax post that I wanted to post this video. I love DoTERRA oils and products. And I will be doing a lot of posts about their products! But this is just a short little video about my fav fav fav oil! The oil that LITERALLY replaced my Xanax prescription!

Having trouble viewing this video? Click this Link!

Do you want to take a look at all the products that DoTERRA has to offer? Not a problem! Check out my DōTERRA Website!!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank you K-Mart.

Allow me to share with you a wonderfully humorous experience that I had today. I was out GSD'in (Gettin shiz done) which is my favorite thing to do. I'm all out and about writing things down and then checkin' those saaaaame things off that list! Feelin' like a boss. One of my errands was to find a little handy dandy mini calendar to track bills and whatnot. Cuz once again, is there anything better than checkin stuff off a list? I protest that there is not. Heres what that little sucker looks like:

Ahhhh yeah! Love it.

Anyways thats not the funny story. I went to K-Mart to get this planner. I don't go to K-Mart much. Maybe that is because my mother never once took me into one growing up. But I'm a big kid now and I go where I want! hahaha (honestly I kind of understand why she never took me there. But sometimes you can find a real gem!) (IM GETTING TO IT) 



Someones butt forgot to put more of that annoying newspaper ad mail in my mailbox telling me that K-mart has put all of its "Winter Apparel" on sale!!!! (but you better believe they don't forget to give me coups for a free oral sedation in the dentists office-- thanks a lot!) I'm a sucker for leopard. A real big sucker. Makes me feel and look realllllly fierce, don't you agree? Well then you dont even know what is about to hit you. I look down and I see the tag: 
Your dreamin kind of big K-mart if you think imma be crazy enough to pay 30 bucks for this silly robe. And then your also crazy to think I would pay $22.99, but $6.99? You got it. Thats a great deal. I love robes, I love leopard and I love sales. Now I had held up this robe many many times to check to see the length and blah blah and decide if I really wanted it. But only on my final time of holding this piece of art up to my body did I notice the hidden treasure........


Thats right, I have ballin Jungle Cat robe. And I freakin love it. $6.99 K-Mart? I would have paid AT LEAST $8.99. Am I the only one? Why are they trying to HIDE the selling point from me!?! I wrote my entire blog while rockin this robe. And YES that includes the leopard face hood. Honestly, it has made my day. All I could think of as I checked out was "ohhhh I'm gonna be bloggin about this."I hope the suspense didn't kill you too bad :) (and NO K-Mart is not paying me to advertise for them hahaha)

Hopefully this post has given you an idea of the ridiculous goofball I am. Stuff like this keeps my life silly and fun. And I love it. Until next time!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Whats that whole "Passion Pill" all about anyways?

If your STILL wondering what this whole site is about then I wanted to give you a bit more info! Its about whatever I want it to be.. haha :) I love a lot of 'stuff.' I consider myself lucky in that regard because the kind of 'stuff' I like is pretty awesome. In my humble opinion, its the best kind of 'stuff' a person could be interested in. (Again, thats just my opinion)

The stuff I refer to is life improvement. I aim to be a well put together human being. In every regard. Trust me, I know that is a big feat, but I have confidence in myself :-) I have studied so much in topics like essential oils, health, finances, marriage, self-help, motivation, inspiration and my favorite study which is the study of energy! Some of you may be aware of "The Secret" or the law of attraction. The book the secret is a good introduction to metaphysical studies if that is a totally out there concept to you! ( and if it is, thats ok! This blog will be covering a broad range of topics) What I can absolutely guarantee though, is that by reading the information I will be posting, you will start growing as a person. I certainly have. I will be doing SUPER FUN GIVEAWAYS of my most favorite things (Kinda like Oprah!... a girl can dream right?) Books and all kinds of goodies!

I love my life. I love being alive. But trust me when I tell you it wasn't always that way. In fact, most of my life didn't even slightly resemble a love. In fact, my life carried an awful lot of depression and insomnia and anxiety. My life was dependent on pills to get from point A to B. And I was surviving.. barely. I was certainly not thriving. But then I got this stroke of genius! I thought "Maggie, what if you were to dedicate time every day to discovering what you are passionate about? Like what juices you! What makes you tick!? Forget all these doctor prescribed pills!!! How about a PASSION PILL!!!!"... and here we are :) I make sure a day doesn't go by where I dont take my pill. Every day I get the blessing of putting something positive into my mind or watching something positive or reading something positive. Learning something new! Enhancing my life experience. These things fuel my fire!!! They get me pumped. And after feeling sedated most of my life, PUMPED is an awesome feeling!

But how many people can relate to the emotion of fear? My guess is that absolutely every single person reading this (and in the universe) can relate. FEAR or False Evidence Appearing Real, is what has kept me from following my dreams and stepping into my greatness. Fear of rejection or fear of some kind of hurt. But I'm facing those fears. And it feels good. HERE I AM! And im HAPPY to be here! And thank you for being here! This blog is my baby. And like any new mother, I have been so protective of my baby that I havent let anyone see her... or touch her.. or.. even know she exists! Haha. SO if you are one of those people going "where the H has this Maggie been? I didn't even know she existed!" Well, I guess thats on me. And know I'm working on it and trying to be better. I'm ready to stop hiding out and learning in secret :-)

What makes you tick? What creates a feeling of bliss in your life?

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Lets Shake it Off!

Lets just shake it off shall we? What do I mean when I say shake it off? I mean shake off the stories, shake off the illusions that we have keeping us in the dark. My journey started almost 7 years ago. A journey where I became dedicated to figuring my life out. I guess if we are getting SUPER technical, then my journey started almost 24 years ago. I leave NO experience out of the total sum of who I am today.

But you know what I realized today? If I wait until I have had total success in every area of my life and I am a flawless example of how life should be lived, then THIS BLOG WILL NEVER GET WRITTEN!!!!!

I am in CONSTANT process.

So many hours of my day are dedicated to centering myself and learning more than I learned the day before. Mastering my mind and my emotions because I believe that is absolutely possible. I am NOT a victim of my circumstances. I am not MY STORIES. What do I mean by stories? I mean these powerful meanings that I give to my experiences. For example: I did not get the job I want- the story I give to this simple experience is "I am not good enough." If you really take the time, like I have, exploring your untouched inner world, you will discover what I have. We have unlimited stories unlimited meanings that we attach to our life experiences. But more importantly, we can CHANGE those meanings.  And our minds can't tell the difference.

I will be getting into these topics and MORE in many blog posts to come. But First off I want to warn you that what you will get with me is HONESTY. And that all started with my decision to be honest with myself. You are reading the writings of a girl who has tried and failed so much more than she has tried and succeeded. And I realized that if I couldn't be honest with me then I couldn't be honest with YOU. And I know that the people who have touched my life the most have been FEARLESS in their HONESTY. It made me feel like I wasn't alone. Like my failures had to be leading to something great JUST as their experiences had. I'm on a journey. And I love this journey. It is a journey of understanding and of finding true and lasting peace. But most important, it is a journey to love. UNCONDITIONAL love. Love for myself, and love for every other person alive.

Join me on this journey. A journey of spirituality, of life. Let me share my gifts and tools with you, and share yours with me. And do me a favor ok? Keep an open mind :-) Some of the stuff I share with you may be something that you aren't ready for or aren't interested in right now, and thats ok. My biggest gift is respecting wherever you are at in life at any given moment, I have a deep love for the people in my life who have shown me that same respect.
 And whatever you are going through right now, make a commitment with me that we will SHAKE IT OFF, together. You can do this. I have faith in you. And I have faith in me.

Yes, I know that this song is called "shake it out" but you say tomato I say "SHAKE IT OFF!"

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Among the many of my experiences I have been blessed with (wink), I have suffered for probably 8 years with anxiety, depression, insomnia and ADD. Well the ADD has been for a while longer. I am a firm believer and frequent user of essential oils. Now many people have their opinions of oils. In the short period that I have been using them, people have referred to them as 'witchcraft' and 'black magic' and just basically overall BS. Now I know most of those things are said in good fun. But I also have felt the skepticism from my immediate family and friends regarding their effectiveness, if any at all. I haven't been the best at this in my life, but I would recommend not knocking something unless you have given it a try. I feel like if something works for someone then more power to them. Who am I to say their results aren't real?My favorite stories explain some instances where my belief in essential oils was tested and proved. Here in the United States we are really only accustomed to western medicine. We all carry the belief that if there is a 'problem' in the body, then there is surely a corresponding pill that will 'cure' that problem. Now I'm no natural hippy. I have taken tons of pills in my life. But what I've come to find is that the symptoms that are showing up are just that. Symptoms. We are not diagnosing or even treating the problem with the pills that are prescribed. We are treating the symptoms. And what happens when you treat the symptoms with medicine alone is that the problem never goes away. And if it does, then you better believe it will manifest in another form of "DIS-EASE" in the body. If you want to argue with me that my "problem" is INSOMNIA or DEPRESSION, you will get shut down pretty quickly. Because I know for a fact that the problem is much deeper. You can throw me some Xanax or Zoloft or Adderall but the only result will be a blanket feeling of nothing-ness. Not too happy but not too sad. I don't want to walk around feeling like a zombie. I am more interested in a permanent solution with a side of personal understanding, than I am in a quick fix. (However it definitely took time to get to that place) We are so used to getting everything instantly whether it be relief, food, entertainment, ANYTHING really. We need to do a better job at listening to our emotions/bodies and using them to our benefit. But because we still have the symptoms showing up from the dis-ease in our bodies, we need natural solutions that will assist with relief, not give us more problems then we had in the first place (also known as side effects)

SO now to my point. There have been a few experiences with essential oils that have made me a believer, one of which I wanted to share. It happened a few months ago. I had been lucky enough to get a 3 day weekend because I worked 4 ten-hour shifts that week. I didn't do much of anything which must have contributed to the MASSIVE panic attack that ensued. My husband was in the back room working out and I was just laying in our bed. I had been crying and I had the most uneasy feeling. I couldn't put it on to anything. I really didn't know what I was so worked up about. I felt awful. When he came in and asked me what was wrong I brought up the first 2 things that came to my head. He wasn't buying it. It was pretty clear that I was having a no-reason-panic-attack, the worst kind. He immediately asked what he could do, to which I responded "nothing." Do you ever have those moments where you honestly believe that nothing will help and you don't want to even TRY anything because part of you just wants to feel sorry for yourself? Yeah.... So finally he asked what oils could he put on me. I probably ignored him once or twice and then finally reluctantly said "balance" and "serenity." Those 2 really are my go to oils. The serenity has: Lavendar, sweet marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, sandalwood and vanilla oil in it. It is a calming blend great for anxiety and insomnia. And my husbands favorite :) the balance blend has Spruce, Rosewood, Frankincense and Blue tansy. It is a grounding blend (video blog with more ranting/raving to follow!) Very great for when you feel all over the place, because it brings you back to reality (hence, grounding.) So he put the oils on my feet, the back of my neck and behind my ears and just told me to lay there for a few minutes while he jumped in the shower. Well, sure enough within 3 minutes, YES 3 MINUTES, I felt fine. I dont' mean kind of fine or just better, I felt absolutely calm. It was one of those situations that cannot be denied or attributed to anything else. It was incredible and to be honest I was very pleased that I could have the same results from natural, safe essential oil blends, as I could with a .5mg of xanax. I highly urge anyone who is taking any medication to research the effects that medication is having on your body. And then look for natural solutions. I don't want my body to start falling apart as I age, and I doubt you do either. If you have any questions as to the use of oils or in what oils would be beneficial to you, PLEASE ASK. I will let you know or find the answer if need be. My constant goal is to get myself into a peak state and then maintain it as long as possible. And my mind cant be right if my body isn't right and vice versa.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wear Sunscreen (Usa Protector Solar)

Todays Word: PASSION


 [pash-uhn]  Show IPA
any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.

The purpose of this blog is to instill a belief into people that NOTHING is more important in your day than reminding yourself why you wake up in the morning. Find a "why" in your life. Why do you wake up. Why do you work where you work. What is your purpose? Seek it out! Set a strong intention to receive the information you need to take that next step. Be just as diligent in your search of the things that ignite your passion as you are with remembering the dosage of your prescription medications. I'll be right beside you doing the same thing! 

Below you will find a video that I viewed in my community college sociology class. Ive never forgotten it, and it brings back my perspective any time I've lost it. Keep coming back here for your daily dose of passion. I have just what the doctor ordered! :)

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